Business Meetings
The Boiler Room can supply space for private meetings, seminars and service organizations. We have a coffee and soda service available for $5 per person.

We can also include doughnuts and bagels at $8 per person. Minimum 20 people restaurant

Pizza Parties
The Boiler Room is happy to supply our gourmet pizzas for events outside of the restaurant. Each pizza is 12” and is usually enough for two people. Our Pizza party deal is 10 pizzas of your choice for only $150.
Price does not include tax or delivery charge

Bring your own Cakes
The Boiler Room allows guests to bring their own cakes for special events. We can even store them for up to 24 hours prior to the event. (except Ice cream cakes)

We do charge plating fee of $2 per person to cover the cost of plating and silverware.

Alcohol Service
The Boiler Room will only serve alcohol to guests over the age of 21. All guests must have proper ID. The Boiler Room is not responsible for any lost, left or stolen items that were brought into the building  for special events.

Rooms Available
Our Lower Dining Room can seat 30 people Comfortably. You can get 34 people Max but keep in mind it will be tight. Standing, the room can hold about 40 for cocktail parties. This room is available no charge most of the time except for weekends

Our Main Dining Room is our primary dining room and can seat up to 70 people comfortably. This room is available Sunday thru Thursday any time and Friday and Saturday before 4pm. Any use of the room on Friday or Saturday night would be subject to a minimum.

Our Bar Area can seat 25 people at the bar and has standing room for about 30 more. This area is free of charge providing it remains open to the public. Private use of this area is subject to a premium depending on date and time of event. (see room fees)

The Boiler Room will reserve space on first come first serve basis. A $200 non–refundable but applicable deposit is required for events over 30 people. Deposit will be applied to final bill. Full payment must be made at the conclusion of the event. Cancellation less than 3 days prior to event will result in loss of deposit. All sales are to subject to 6% state tax, 9% alcohol tax .

The Boiler Room reserves the right to refuse service to any individual.

Room Fees
Most areas of the Boiler Room are available free of charge as long they remain open to the public or meet certain minimums. However if privacy or extended use of an area is necessary, The Boiler Room charges a fee commensurate with the sales the area would normally produce. We also charge if an area needs to be held early for decorating etc. Or, if the restaurant is required to operate outside our normal hours of operation.